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„Never Mind“  - A SasuNaru Story

Chapter1 – Part 6



[Time skip – 5 weeks later]


Naruto had enough. Enough of it all! Yes he got raped, but despite this he still had his urges. He felt it, every time he was looking at Sasuke he felt that he wanted something. Something more.

He and Sasuke were together for more than a month now and they were doing well. Also Narutos attacks weren’t the same anymore. He just had them in little panic attacks, but meanwhile he could handle them.

But Naruto was still afraid. He loved Sasuke, and he felt that he wanted more but what if it would be bad… what if he got reminded of everything again and got an attack. He hated being so weak in front of Sasuke. Even if the raven always protected him, it was embarrassing. But still, he was sure that he wanted something more.

He loved it, when the raven firmly touched him. Sasuke was almost shy in touching him, he always thought he would hurt him, so they never got to more than cuddling or kissing on the couch. But now the blond just wanted his boyfriend to go further, just to grab him once and just let out the man he was…


It was a Saturday evening. And like always Sasuke and Naruto sat on the couch and watched a movie. “Kill Bill”, was it this time. The raven was eating some chocolate, while the blond just leaned into the couch and watched the movie.

As the raven finished he looked over to his angel and smiled at him. He moved closer and wrapped an arm around Naruto. The blond looked up and nuzzled his head into the ravens shoulder. ‘Naruto! This is your chance to get him… now just show him what you want!’, some inner voice inside the blonds head told.

He turned his head and looked up to the raven. Sasuke watched the movie and was fixed on the screen. Naruto leaned up a little and gave the pale neck a kiss, and a second, and a third, then he traced the ravens neck up to his jaw and began to suck on the pale flesh.

The raven turned his head around and faced Naruto. Before Sasuke could say something, Naruto lifted himself a little and straddled the raven. He took the pale mans head into his hands and pressed his lips on the ravens. Naruto nibbled on Sasukes lower lip, letting their teeth clench together. Sasuke stared at him. The blonds eyes were closed, his hands pressed the ravens face forward and he couldn’t seem to get enough.

Suddenly Sasuke felt a wet tongue pushing thru his lips, joining his own. Sasuke closed his eyes and let the blond work a little, when he felt his own tongue swirl up with the blonds wet muscle, exploring both their mouths once again.

After a while, their heated kiss stopped and the raven pulled away for breath. Naruto looked at him, and began to nibble on the pale jaw again. “Naruto?”, the blonds head shot back and he looked into the ravens worried eyes. “What’s the rush?”, Sasuke asked with a smile, and wiped some wisps of blond hair out of the whiskered face.

The blond leaned forward so his mouth was on the ravens ear. “Sasuke”, he whispered in a hotly tone, letting the raven beneath him shiver. “I’m afraid of touches… I’m afraid… but I want you to touch me, Sasuke, I want you to teach me, that touches aren’t bad”, he licked over the ravens ear shell. “Teach me, Sasuke… touch me”, he breathed out hotly letting the pale man shiver again.

Sasuke took the tanned face into his hands and looked at him. The blonds eyes were filled with angst and longing at the same time. “Are you sure?”, the raven whispered, looking into the ocean eyes straightly. Naruto nodded and kissed the raven once again.

Sasuke picked the blond man up, and transferred them to the big bed into their bedroom. He sat down in the middle of the bed, so that both of them were sitting upright, Naruto still straddling Sasuke.

The raven looked at his blond angel again, still with worried eyes. Naruto now couldn’t stand it anymore, it was cute that he was so precious to Sasuke, but he wasn’t made of glass. He leaned forward and began nibbling on the pale jaw again, letting his hands slowly trace down the ravens neck down to his shirt, where he began undoing the first few buttons of the ravens white chemise.

Suddenly the blond felt hands slowly tracing down his back, and then just as slowly tracing back up, just under his shirt this time. Just as he finished unbuttoning the other mans shirt, he felt the others pale hand slowly wander up to his chest.

The black haired pulled the shirt over the blond mane and smashed it down on the floor. The blond leaned forward again, his nose delicately tracing up the ravens neck up to his ear again. “I’m all yours, Sasuke… and I always will be”, he kissed the black hair behind the pale ear. Sasuke smiled, turned his head so that his nose was touching the tanned one.

He leaned his head on the blonds forehead. “I love you”, the raven whispered whit his eyes closed, letting them open a little, to see Naruto looking at him with his eyes half closed and a cute smile on his face.

“I love you too”, the blond whispered and kissed the ravens soft lips.

When they kissed, Sasuke wrapped an arm around the tanned waist, leaning forward and slowly lowering Narutos body on the soft mattress. Naruto had his hands interlaced into the ebony hair, shivering at the touches he felt of Sasukes hands on his sides now.

Lying between the blonds legs, the raven was holding himself up one arm on a side of Narutos head, the other one slowly caressing his belly. Slowly their lips parted and the blond looked up. Thru the open shirt Naruto saw the ravens perfectly built body shimmer into the slight moonlight.

“You’re beautiful”, he sighted. Sasuke smirked. “Just like you, my angel”, the raven aspirated and kissed Narutos whiskered cheek. The blond swept one side of the dark bangs behind Sasukes ear and looked at the smiling raven.

The raven leaned down and began softly nipping on the tanned neck, sucking and biting the other mans flesh, leaving reddish marks on the soft skin. Reaching on the tanned collarbone, the raven started sucking on it, gaining light gasps from his blond angel. His pale hands were exploring every inch the tanned torso.

Naruto moaned as the raven just went lower and stopped his nipple, sucking on the small nub, teasingly pricking the other one with his fingers. Slowly but secure the blond was getting aroused. “Stop being a ..hnn… tease S’uke”, Naruto nearly moaned. The raven looked up with a grin on his face, seeing the blond lightly sweating, looking at him with his eyes half closed. “You wanted me to touch you, so I will”, he smirked.

Naruto gasped as the raven attacked his nipple again. He took a handful of the spiky ebony mane and pulled on it lightly. Sasuke looked up again, seeing the blond chewing on his lower lip, looking at him with a meaningful gaze.

The blond sat up again, letting his lips meet the raven ones, their tongues started to hungrily attacking each other again. Naruto pulled the raven out of his shirt, smashing it on the floor to join his own one.

The blond started trailing his hands down the pale body and getting lower and lower, finally slowly rubbing against the other mans clothed bulge. Sasuke moaned into his blonds mouth, grabbing the tanned waist with his hands, just to continue grabbing the firm butt right after. Naruto gasped. ‘Finally he lets the animal out’, he smirked.

Both of them were panting heavily already. Naruto broke their kiss and rested his head against the pale shoulder, letting his hands work on the buckle of the ravens belt. Sasuke began sucking on the tanned neck again, letting the blond moan lightly.

Just as he opened the other mans belt, Sasuke leaned forward, letting the blond fall back on the bed again. The raven man lowered his hips on the blond ones, grinding both their clothed arousals together. Both of them gasped, turning into a moan as the raven started to continue his movements.

The raven ripped down the blonds pants, and tossed them together with his somewhere else into the room. “S’uke”, Naruto panted, as the raven started caressing the tanned tights. The ravens teasingly slow caressing motions were driving the blond crazy.

The pale hand wandered up over his hip and was now just lightly playing with the hem of the blonds blue boxers. Sasuke let slip in his hand still just oh-so slowly, smoothly touching the vein on the other mans aroused leaking member. “Oh…Naru, already this happy?”, the raven smirked as he took the hardness into his hands and caressed it’s tip with his thumb teasingly, feeling some sticky precum already.

The blond moaned and bucked his hips against this incredibly feeling in his southern areas. The raven started bumping the hardness slowly, making the other man gasp and moan constantly. After a while, the raven let go, gaining an annoyed grunt from his angel. Sasuke began kissing down the tanned chest.

Lower, and lower his kisses got, one moment he just stuck his tongue into the others belly button, making the blond gasp once again.

He still went lower, and lower, and lower, and suddenly Naruto felt his boxers were gone and the raven man was taking hold of his member again. The blond moaned and grabbed the sheets as he felt the ravens wet tongue caressing his tip.

“Yummy…it’s my favorite flavor... Uzumaki…”, the raven hotly aspirated and began sucking on the tip. Naruto nearly got crazy of all this feelings rushing thru his naked body. He wanted to feel more of this warm wetness, he tried to buck his hips, but the other man held him down, licking over the whole arousal.

Suddenly the raven just took the whole shaft into his mouth, swirling his tongue along the hardness, sucking on his blond, like there was no ending. Naruto threw his head back, so it was hanging down the feet-side of the bed and moaned throatily.

He grabbed himself a bunch of the black mane and panted heavily. Sasuke never let his eyes swift away from the blonds face. He just loved that lust into the expression and also the fact, that Naruto was totally exposed to him.

The pulling on his hair got stronger, as he started speeding up his movements and he felt his own throbbing member painfully rub against the fabric of his boxers. Just then the bond threw his head back once more and released into the others hot mouth with a scream of Sasukes name. The pale swallowed everything and got the others member a last lick just to lift his body again, to face the blond.

Naruto’s hair was sweaty sticking on his forehead, his eyes were closed, his cheeks flushed and he panted heavily. Sasuke lowered his head and kissed the blond passionately. When he pulled away, he saw the blond looking at him with lust shimmering in his eyes. “Sasuke…”, the blond lifted one of his knees, letting it rub against the pale mans arousal. The raven moaned and looked at his blond just as longing.

“I want you…now…”, Naruto hotly panted into the other mans ear. Sasuke gazed at the blond. He wiped the sticky hair out of the whiskered face and began to worry again. “Naruto…I – I don’t want to hurt you…I”, he got stopped by a hand being pressed on his mouth. “Sasuke…I know that. But what if I want you to hurt me… come Sasuke, if you were the agony, I’d be a masochist. Hurt me, love me, give it to me right”, the blond licked over the others ear. The raven shivered at these words.

“Are you really sure?” “Sasu, I love you, no matter what happens, and I am ready for you, Saucey”, the other man grinned lustily, licking over the pale cheek. The raven gave a worried gaze again.

Naruto was getting annoyed, he started sucking his own fingers and licked playfully over them. “What are you doing?”, the raven asked caring a s he saw the blond taking the wet digits out of his mouth and letting them trail down his sweaty tanned body. “Na-Naruto! Are you just doing what I think you are?”, the raven looked at him shocked.

The blond circled his wet fingers around his entrance and smirked. “This is all for you S’uke”, he aspirated hotly and pushed one finger inside. The feeling was weird, but he wanted to do it, here and now. Sasuke looked at him disbelieving. “Naruto…stop it”, he said and tried to get hold of the other mans hand.

Narutos smirk got bigger and he pushed a second finger inside of himself, starting to stretch the tight entrance. “S’uke”, the blond moaned and rubbed his chest on the other mans. Sasuke just stared at his boyfriend who just kept fingerfucking himself, and he felt himself getting turned on by this picture.

Naruto had his eyes closed and shot them up as he felt another wet finger circling around his entrance. A thinner, longer one. The raven looked at him hungrily. “You wanted me to do so… you proved me you want it… so I’m gonna do it”, the raven licked the blonds ear shell. Naruto moaned deeply as he felt his fingers being removed and replaced by three wet digits of Sasuke.

Just as the raven started to move his fingers in and out he felt something into the blonds tight hole. He stretched his fingers out and touched the weird knot. Suddenly Naruto cried out and arched his back. “Naruto?”, the raven asked slowly. The blond looked at him with tears of pleasure in his shimmering ocean eyes.

“Do – do that again S’uke”, the blond panted out breathless and stroked over the pale mans cheek, which was getting a reddish tone from all the arousal. Sasuke rubbed his fingers against the others prostate again, letting the blond cry out again. “FUCK! SASUKE!”, the blond couldn’t hold himself back from all his pleasure.

The raven removed his fingers, ripped his boxers off him and placed himself behind the tanned man. He gave Naruto a sweet look again, and nodded as the blond just let out a demanding “Do it”. He slowly trusted his leaking erection into the tight heat and tried to be as gentle as possible.

The blond grabbed the sheets hard, so his knuckles were turning white and he didn’t move nor breathe. Naruto bit his lip, he didn’t expect the raven being so big, it hurt, but he wanted it, he was able to endure this. Just as the raven was fully inside of him, he stopped moving. Naruto released a breath and his grip loosened a little.

He looked up and saw the raven looking at him worried. “S’uke…just hold me right now”, Naruto gasped breathless and looked at the raven with teary eyes. The raven laid his chest on the tanned one and wrapped his arms around his blond lover. Naruto clenched his arms around the pale torso and buried his face into the crock of Sasukes neck.

They rested like this for a while. Naruto felt the pain get less and started to move his hips a little. “Sasuke… move”, he slowly whispered into the other mans ear. Sasuke looked at him, and kissed the full lips once more. Then he pulled out just to push right back in. The incredible tightness and the heat were already driving him crazy. He repeated the movements and after a few times both of them were panting heavily.

Suddenly Sasuke hit the bunch of nerves again and the blond cried out in pure pleasure. Naruto wrapped his legs around the pale hip, and he felt like the raven was pushing in deeper every single time.

Moans and gasps kept disrupting the steadily panting noise. Body on body, sweat and limbs, hungry kisses and rough grabs. Everything was so dreamlike and light. Every single time the raven hit Narutos prostate and every time the blond cried out when a wave of pure pleasure kept floating over him like he was falling into clouds.

He dig his nails into the pale back and buried his neck again into the others chest. Just as he felt that he couldn’t take any more, Sasuke grabbed the tanned mans solid erection and started to bump in the same rhythm he was thrusting in and out. The blond felt himself getting close to the edge. An enormous trickling heat got built up into his lower areas and he couldn’t thing straight anymore. Suddenly the raven bumped into him and hit his pleasure spot hard. The blond threw his head back and bucked his hips against this incredible feeling. A flush of white was interrupting his sight and he couldn’t breathe, he let out a scream of Sasukes name as he felt the pleasure breaking out of him and he came all over their stomachs and into the pale mans hand.

Just a second later the raven felt the tight heat getting even tighter, clench around his solid member and a pleasure was breaking out of his body as he filled the slim tanned body with his seed. He felt his arms loosing hold and he collapsed on the other mans chest.

The raven pulled out of Naruto and lied beside his panting lover both of them needed to calm down now. Both of their breathes started to slow down, when the blond rolled over and placed his head on the ravens chest. “You’re a good teacher”, he snickered and kissed the pale neck. Sasuke wrapped his arms around the slim body.

“I love you”, the raven aspirated and kissed the blond mane. Naruto smiled. “I love you”, he whispered, lifting his head and passionately kissing the other man. Sasuke took hold of the blanket and covered both their sweaty, sticky naked bodies. Naruto cuddled into the pale chest and loved how Sasuke just held him close and ran his pale fingers along his sweaty tanned back.

“Naruto..?”, the raven whispered lightly, looking down into the whiskered face. Naruto looked back with shimmering eyes. “Yeah?” “Did I hurt you?”, the raven asked insecure. The blond smiled and let out a light laughing. “No… no one ever touched me like this, and no one can ever do it like this. Just you. You never hurt me. And I know that you never will”, the blond smiled and kissed the other mans slightly open mouth. 

Sasuke smiled and kissed his angel back. Then the blond cuddled himself into the pale chest again and tired from all the pleasure he dozed off.

Here you can find my textes which are forbidden on for the underaged to read because of sexual themes, but I don't think thy're to bad for my watchers,...x3
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