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SasuNaru: Sweet Love CH5

Chapter 5


“And now comes the fun part…”

Sasuke took tree fingers and began to suck them. After they were coated in saliva he took them out and lend down to Naruto, who looked at him nervously. “This’s gonna hurt a little. Just relax, ok?”, the raven said. Naruto just nodded and took a deep breath. Sasuke positioned his fingers on Narutos entrance, letting one finger slip in slightly.

The blond gasped sharply and tensed up. Sasuke kept giving him light kisses down his jaw line, trying to comfort his lover as good as possible. The raven let slip the finger in and out a few times to let the blond accustom to the feeling. As soon as Naruto moved a little more relaxed he added the second finger, making scissoring movements to stretch him out. Naruto whimpered lightly, wrapped his arms around Sasukes neck to acquire him near to himself. “Everything ok, sweetheart?”, Sasuke whispered caring between his kisses. Naruto just nodded lightly.

Sasuke added the third finger. The blond yelped quietly cause of the intrusion, tensing up again. The raven began to move his fingers in and out of Naruto, who trembled. After a while Naruto got seasoned to the movements and began to feel the pleasure with out the pain.

As the raven felt the blond moving along with his fingers, he pulled them out, making the blonde grunt cause of the loss feeling.

The raven positioned himself before Narutos entrance, receiving a nervously look from the blond. “Are you sure I can do this?”, Sasuke asked calmly. “Yes”, Naruto muffled out. “Naruto?”, the blond looked up to Sasuke, who was smiling happily, “I love you”, the raven said and pushed himself into Naruto. The blond yelped out, feeling his eyes tear up, digging his nails into the ravens shoulders. Bursts of pain were running thru his body. Sasuke got it in a different way. The feeling of his throbbing member sheathed this warmth made him moan loudly. Sasuke remained for some minutes into this position, kissing down Narutos neck down to his collarbone. The pain began to dull away until there was only tinge of it left.

Than the raven began to pull out of the blond just to push right back in. Repeating these movements, the two boys began panting hardly. Naruto felt funny feelings running down his spine, making him moan lightly. At one point, Sasuke hit a certain spot, making Naruto cry out of pleasure, wrapping his legs around the ravens hips, acquiring him nearer.

Sasuke aimed for that spot over and over again, making the blond scream out loudly every time. His movements were steadily picking up speed. Naruto couldn’t hold it anymore, he arched his back to get all of the moments pleasure out, screaming out Sasukes name he came again all over the two boys bellies and chests.

The time Naruto came Sasuke felt the hole, which encased his solid erection, tightened some times, making the feeling more indescribable than it was anyway.

Sasuke felt pleasure coursing through his body, making him panting harder, before crying out loudly as he came into Naruto, riding out his orgasm as long as he could, but at least he collapsed on top of the blond.

He pulled out of Naruto and rolled over on the other side of the bed. A few moments the two boys just laid there, panting hardly, still not recovering from all the pleasure. After he got his normal way of breathing back, Naruto rolled over onto Sasuke, nuzzling into the crock of his neck. Sasuke wrapped an arm around his lover and ran his hand up and down the blonds back. “I love you too”, Naruto aspirated, looking up to the raven. HIS raven.

Sasuke looked down to the smiling blond. He lowered his head and kissed him frenzied, running his hands thru the blond mane. He broke the kiss and attracted Naruto as near as possible to himself. Both of them fell asleep into moments, tired of all the pleasure and love…


Sasuke woke up as the sunlight trickled his nose. He opened his eyes and looked around, he recognized Narutos room and looked down as he felt a nuzzling feeling on his chest. He just saw spiky blond hair and had to smile. The blond had his arms wrapped around the warm body of Sasuke. The raven stroked over the Narutos mane, making the blond mumbling something into his sleep, cuddling nearer to the raven.

“Sweetheart?”, Sasuke whispered lightly to the blond, trying to wake him up. The blond wrinkled his nose and turned on his back. Sasuke leaned over him and gave him a deep kiss. The blond opened his eyes wide and had to smile and wrapped his arms around the ravens neck. Sasuke broke the kiss and looked down at the smiling blond.

‘I can’t believe what happened last night… I mean somehow it’s so embarrassing but somehow it’s just… wow…’, Naruto blushed lightly.

Sasuke had to chuckle as the blond got red cheeks and looked down ashamed. “Naruto?”, Sasuke asked with a lovely tone. “Yeah?”, Naruto looked back up to his raven ho smirked. “What about a shower?”, Sasuke asked mischief, tracing the blonds collarbone with his finger.

Naruto blushed again, but nodded lightly. The raven picked him up, transferred him to the bathroom into the shower and let him down. Sasuke turned the water on, which was now prickling down on the two boys into the narrow shower. Sasuke took some shampoo and began to wash his hair. After he eroded the soap from his hair he looked down to Naruto who was just standing there, blushing. He grabbed the blonds chin, making Naruto look into his eyes.

“What’s it?”, Sasuke asked whispering. Naruto blushed and lowered his look again. “I just dunno what to say, I mean, that thing, last night, it was so wonderful, but somehow embarrassing and… damn it, I’m just totally confused. It was my first time so…” “It was my first time too, sweetheart”, Sasuke said sweetly. “Really?”, Naruto felt himself relax a little more. “Really”, Sasuke smiled and kissed the blond deeply.

After they went out of the shower and got on towels, Sasuke gripped Narutos hips and pulled him closer. “Naruto”, he whispered into the blonds ear who shivered at the way his name sounded. ‘What’s that seductive tone again?’. Naruto felt a hand grabbing the back of his head and lips pushing down on his. The same hand was now running down his spine and squeezing his bum. Naruto had to gasp out and Sasuke took his chance and stuck his tongue into the other males mouth.

After a heated kissing session, the raven broke the kiss just to continue to kiss down Narutos neck, tracing his collarbone with his lips. The blond gasped out and pulled his head back to give Sasuke a better access. “What about a second round?”, Sasuke asked seductive. “Nothing speaks against it…”, the blond aspirated. Sasuke picked him up and kissed him again. Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasukes hip letting the raven transfer themselves into the bedroom.

As they arrived, Sasuke abruptly broke the kiss and stared at the bed.

Naruto looked back and saw a person sitting on the bed. He totally blushed, got off Sasuke and hid behind him.

“What are you doing here”, the blond asked in a high squeaky voice. The person at the bed just had his mouth falling open and stared disbelieving at the two boys. “I came here cause Sakura told you have been sick. What’s going on here?”, the person asked disbelieving. “Well, didn’t I tell you that I’ve got a crush on somebody, Iruka?”, Naruto stuttered. Than Iruka began to snicker. “And I thought you had a crush on Sakura”, Iruka laughed. Naruto looked at him from behind Sasuke and didn’t believe what he just saw. ‘Iruka? LAUGHING??!’. “Come on guys. You can tell me everything when you got dressed”.


All the three of them sat on the couch. Naruto was blushed in his face cause of the embarrassment. “I don’t care if people already know, as long as I’m with you”, Sasuke told him calmly.

 “So you confessed him your love and you two just got together from out of nowhere?”  “Yes”, Sasuke said, he had a light blush on his cheeks too. “well, now I understand why you had such problems to tell me who it was, Naruto. But I tell you, I don’t have one thing against you being with a other boy. I mean, yeah, somehow it’s something to accustom to, but as long as your happy, I won’t bar it to you”, Iruka said smiling.

“Really?”, Narutos face brightened up. “Of course and I mean, well, you could have made a worse choice”, Iruka laughed. Naruto smiled and took Sasukes hand. ‘Iruka isn’t very shocked about it, Sasuke loves me…could the world get any better?’ “Well. When I came into your room, I saw your and Sasukes clothes lying all over the floor. So I just wanted to know if  you did take a shower together?”, Iruka asked seriously.

Naruto blushed totally. “Well yes… but…but…” “But we already arranged this mess yesterday evening”, Sasuke finished. Iruka got the hint and blushed now too. “Well that means you two, well, you already had…”, Iruka stuttered. “Yes we had”, Naruto added nervously. “But, wasn’t that a little soon? I mean… You’re just fifteen and you’re together for one day and…” “Iruka… I love Sasuke. I really love him. And that is what matters. No, it wasn’t to soon”, Naruto explained  nervously. Sasuke wrapped an arm around him and gave him a light kiss on his cheek.

“Well… as long as you’re happy”, Iruka smiled.


Iruka left after a while. The two lovers ate breakfast and than Sasuke left too. “I’m often doing something with my brother on Sundays”, he laughed. The raven gave Naruto a kiss and left. As he wasn’t far from Narutos flat, he passed sakura. “Hi”, he said smiling. “H-hi”, she turned around and saw  Sasuke walking away. ‘Was he at Narutos again? But why so early?’ Sakura scraped her head and walked on.

She reached Narutos flat and knocked. The blond opened and smiled. “Hey! So what are we going to do today?”, the blond smiled happily. Sakura had to smile too. ‘He seems so happy…’, she thought. “Well, I thought about going to the amusement park. What do you think?” “Sounds great!”, Naruto locked his door and walked along with his best friend. Sakura jumped upon Narutos back and they walked along piggyback as they do sometimes, laughing happily.

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