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SxN: Nothing Else Matters CH1

Nothing Else Matters – A SasuNaru-Story



Chapter 1 – Returns and memories


Sasukes Sight


A cold fall breeze let wisps of my dark hair dancing in the wind. Dried brown leave was falling down the millions of trees all around me. Grey clouds were glued into the sky, breeding twilight. Silence.

Nothing but complete silence.

I was standing on the top of the Kohona-mountain. Standing on the stony heads of the four dead Hokages, and on the one which just have been built, of the fifth Hokage. I stared down at the village. Silence.

I never saw the village like this. It looked…dead. Like a ghost town. Grey and silent.

The breeze was blowing into my back, like it wanted me to enter this grey silence. After all these years.

Fife years.

I was twenty-one now. The teenage curves had grown out of my face. My body was still lank and muscular, I just had grown some inches. My eyes still shimmered like buffed onyxes and my skin was still pale as it used to be.

Fife years. I didn’t change much. Not my looks neither my feelings.

I just reached to act my promise I made myself all those years ago. I finally killed my brother, so I can return to every thing I left. I can finally comply the second promise I made not only myself.

I can finally return to the only thing I ever cared about.

I can finally return to my one and only love…

I can finally return to….






Flashback – Fife years ago


I hated Sundays. I hated them because of the loss of things to do. Even if I trained like a mad, not later than the evening I would slump down and I had to think about it again and all over again.

So why avoiding the unavoidable.

I went straight to the graveyard out of the town. Straight to two neighboring graves. I felt the coolness climbing up my spine, letting me shiver. I knelt down, onto the cold, dirty floor.

I gazed at the two names which were pierced into the gravestones.


“Hi mum…hi dad”, my sad voice broke off in a sob. After all these years, I came here every Sunday, I still couldn’t hide my feelings about them. Here was the only place were I couldn’t hide them.

I placed the small lily I brought with me on my mothers grave, like every Sunday, and I took away the dried one from last week. I crumbled it into my fingers and dust it on the two graves. Like I use to do every Sunday.

“Why have you done this to me!”, a cry came from a other grave. I looked up and wiped my single tear from my cheek. I couldn’t see anyone till I heard that scream again, more painfully. I knew that voice somehow.

I stood up and tapped the dirt off my trousers. I followed the cries that came from the other side of the graveyard. There also the Hokages had been buried.

I took a short breath, as I saw someone kneeling in front of Hokage Minato Namikazes grave, hitting the floor with his fists and yelling against the grave.

“Why me?!”, the blond boy cried. He had orange clothing and a headband of the Konoha ninja school around his head. Like me. My heart began to race.

“Naruto?”, I asked the blond as I stood behind him. Naruto dismayed and turned around. He looked at me with a shocked face. With his beautiful blue eyes. 

“What are you doing here?”, I asked with my normally emotionless voice. Than I saw that the blond had tears in his eyes. ‘Oh my god, is he hurt?’, my  face went shocked to. “Everything ok? And why are you shouting at the grave of a Hokage?”, I asked the blond, who still looked at me shocked, tears rolling down his whiskered cheeks.

Naruto stood up and looked at me, he stared at me with his azure eyes. “I… yes, I’m ok. Why?”, the blond reacted like always and grinned. “Well, I just asked because you’re crying”, I responded emotionless again. The blond wiped his tears away and stared at me shocked. “What are you caring about me crying Sasuke? What are you doing here anyway?”, the blond responded harsh as always.

“I just went to my parents grave”, I responded. Naruto blushed and looked down. “Oh… I didn’t know I’m sorry” “No problem, but still, why were you shouting at the Hokages grave?” I asked again. He looked so pitiful. Somehow I just wanted to hug him.

We never were such good friends but somehow he was the only real friend I ever had. Even if we didn’t like each other much. Well, I somehow liked him…more than that.

“You… you wouldn’t understand”, the blond whispered. He sounded desperate. I sat down on a bench and made him understand to sit next to me.

“Come on, tell me”, my voice sounded strangely soft. That’s what must have made him believe me. He sat down next to me and took a deep breath.

We sat there for a few minute in silence. I just gazed at him. He sat there, looked on the ground and seemed to be in thoughts. There wasn’t much time the blond was quiet, so I enjoyed it somehow, but also felt pity for the tanned boy. After a while he took a deep breath again and tensed a lil.

“You know my tattoo onto my stomach, don’t you?”, he looked over to me. I nodded. “Well, that isn’t a tattoo. It’s a seal mark. You know the story about the fourth Hokage. He fought the nine tailed fox and died at overtrump it. Well he didn’t kill the Kyubi he sealed it into a baby…

That baby was me..”, Naruto looked away. I was shocked. Naruto beard the nine tailed into him. That’s why most of Konohas adults avoided him. The blond sobbed and I turned to him. “Naruto I never knew I…”, the blond looked up. “Are you afraid of me?”, the blond asked bitterly. I softly laid a hand onto his shoulder.  “No… I’m not. I’m disgusted by the reaction the adults got of you, I mean, you’re part of the whole towns story, and something like a lil hero, or however you can call it”. Naruto smiled a lil.

“You’re the first person I ever told this, you know? And I don’t know why I did it… maybe because I somehow like you”, Naruto smiled at me. I blushed. No I don’t blush! I looked away. Naruto snickered.

“I think I’m going home now, gotta lot of things to do”, Naruto still snickered as he stood up. I stood up too. “I’ll go too, dobe”, I answered emotionless again. “Don’t call me that!”, the blond said pouting as we walked out of the graveyard.

We were still arguing when we reached Narutos apartment. “Well, till tomorrow then, I guess”, the blond one grinned. I scrapped the back of my head. “Guess so”, I said and turned away.

As I walked home my heart made lil jumps. I didn’t know why, but somehow I liked that noisy, confused blond. I mean, I really liked him. I always was encircled by a bevy of girls, but the only person I ever found interesting was Naruto.

Maybe because he was the total opposite of me. And now he also shared his deepest secret with me…should I do it too?


“What? That means I got to share two days with him?!”, Naruto pointed at me as we were standing in front of Kakashi sensei the next morning. “Well yes. You two have to watch over the east way”, the grey-haired man grinned. “But why with him? Can’t I go with Sakura?”, the blond argued.

“Well, no. I don’t want you to molest her the whole time, so..”, Kakashi grinned and turned away, leaving me grinning and Naruto blushing. Finally I was alone with the blond…

My cute lil blonde.

I packed my things together and I met Naruto half an hour later. We walked along the east way till we found a good place to build the tent. We were on control walks the whole day and in the evening we met again for dinner.

Then we went into the tent. Naruto lay down and snuggled himself into his blanket. I couldn’t stop staring at him, he looked so adorable… “Do you mind if I turn the radio on?”, I asked. Naruto grunted, and I took it as a no.

The night went deeper and the radio kept on whooping songs. I couldn’t sleep. I kept gazing at the whiskered blond next to me. He slept deeply, sometimes mumbling something into his sleep.

Then the radio brought a well known guitar melody.

“Sasuke”, I looked down at the blond who just spoken these words. “Naruto?”, I asked the blond. I didn’t know if he was awake. “Sasuke”, the blond moaned loudly into his sleep. I blushed and looked over to him.

I jogged the blond, till he woke up. “Sasuke, what do you want?”, Naruto asked me sleepily. He noticed that I was totally blushed. “You moaned my name…”, I whispered. Now he blushed too. “Well Sasuke…I…I”, the blond stuttered ashamed.


So close no matter how far


I pushed the blushed blond boy down and leaned over him


Couldn't be much more from the heart


I lowered my head and looked him deep into his ocean blue eyes.


Forever trust in who we are


I pressed my lips onto the blonds. The soft touch let me shiver. His eyes widened and he stared at me disbelieving.


And nothing else matters


Naruto wrapped his arms around my neck, attracting me near and he deepened the kiss. I felt my heart jump, it raced.


Never opened myself this way


I broke the kiss and stared at the boy beneath me. He blushed but didn’t look away.


Life is ours, we live it our way


“Naruto…?” The blond looked deep into my eyes.


All these words I don't just say


“I love you”, I said deep from my heart.


And nothing else matters


Naruto looked at me and smiled. “I love you too”.


Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters


I lowered my head again, kissing the soft lips of the adorable boy under my body. Naruto buried his hands into my dark hair and pressed me near to him. I put my hand under his shirt, caressing the tanned muscular stomach.


Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know


I ripped Narutos shirt off and kissed down the bare chest, down to his belly button. I traced the whole seal mark with my lips, making Naruto shiver and gasping out.


So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trust in who we are
And nothing else matters


I pulled down Narutos pants and boxers. The blond shivered again. I took his shaft and licked it from base to tip, letting the blond moan and arching his back in pleasure. I took his whole erection into my mouth, deep throated him. The blond moaned deeply out of his chest.


Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know


Naruto buried his hands into my dark mane, moaning the whole time. I let my tongue swirl around his throbbing length, sucking lightly. The blond pulled on my hair, so I had to stop my actions and looked up. I lifted myself until I was face to face with Naruto again.


Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters


“Dobe…what’s the matter?”, I asked calmly. Naruto was panting hard beneath me. He still got his fingers entwined into my hair, letting them slip down to my neck, down my shoulders onto my chest.

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters


“Sasuke…”, the blond panted. “I…I want you…now”, Naruto looked at me with a heated look. He sat up and turned me around, so I was lying on my back now.


Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know


He pulled my clothes off and looked at me seductively. I felt myself heating up as he positioned himself over me and lowered him on my length. I never felt something like this before, this warm hole engulfing my throbbing erection. We both moaned deeply. I grabbed his waist and tuned us around so I was on top again. Naruto wrapped his legs around my waist and attracted himself near to me.

I began to move, pulling out and pushing right back in, receiving a scream of pleasure from the blond. We moved along, moaning, sweating, feeling nothing but pleasure.

At one point I felt Naruto tremble hardly, and I couldn’t hold myself anymore. We both screamed each others name as we reached our climax together.

I collapsed on top of Naruto.


So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trust in who we are


Naruto snuggled into my chest. “I love you”, he aspirated. I kissed his forehead.

“I love you too”

And nothing else matters



End of the Flashback



I was now here again. After fife years.

I was standing in front of Narutos flat. I lifted my hand and knocked. And…

Silence again.

I knocked again. Silence.

I pushed the door knob. The door opened creaky. I stepped inside.

“Naruto?”, I kept asking thru the darkness. No sound came back to me.

I went inside the dark hallway, into Narutos room.

The whole room was dark and messy. Everywhere was dust on the floor like no one lived there for a long time. I shuddered. Then I saw it.

I walked to Narutos bed and saw a small piece of paper lying there. Dusty.

It was my letter.

The letter I wrote when I left.

The writing had been daubed of the tears that I cried when I wrote it.

And it was daubed more because of the tears Naruto had to cry while reading it.

But where was he now.

I saw something blinking on the floor among me. It were smithereens of a CD. I turned the biggest snatch stared at it. For You and Forever Yours. My CD. The one I gave to him.

I felt my eyes tear up and I slumped down.



Here you can find my textes which are forbidden on for the underaged to read because of sexual themes, but I don't think thy're to bad for my watchers,...x3
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