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SasuNaru: Sweet Love CH4

 Chapter 4


Sasuke went out of the bed to take a shower. Naruto sat still on the bed. After five minutes Sasuke came back, just dressed with a towel. Drops of water were still running down his chest. ‘Oh my god… Think of something else. Think of something else.! Cold winter days, bread with butter, school…’, Naruto thought.

Sasuke sat down and leaned over to Naruto. “Naruto, why are you still in bed?”, Sasuke whispered while kissing Narutos neck. “I… I just wanted to wait till… Sasuke could you please stop this? You’re making me nervous...”, Sasuke looked up and laughed. “You’re so cute when you blush Naruto”, Sasuke smirked. “So what were you up to?” “I waited till I can go to the shower” “Well you can go now”, Sasuke smiled. Naruto nodded and stood up. “Naruto?”, Sasuke called when Naruto almost reached the door. He turned and saw Sasuke still sitting on the bed. “Next time”, he grinned mischief, “you mustn’t wait till I’m finished with taking a shower”. Naruto blushed totally and went out of the room.


Sasuke just wanted to change to his clothes, when he heard a knock on the front door. He walked to it and opened it. “Naruto I just wanted to… Sa..suke?”, Sakura stood there, her mouth fell open by the look from Sasukes “outfit”. “Hi Sakura”, Sasuke said leaning at the door case , “What are you doing here?” “I…I just wanted to ask you the same question”, Sakura responded, “Well, I wanted too take a look after Naruto. Yesterday he wasn’t really good and when I came here he seemed to be ill. How’s he going? And why are you here?” “He’s quite well. Nja… I came yesterday night too to look after him. He almost fainted because of his sickness so I was here overnight to watch after him”, Sasuke lied. “Oh, well, that was really nice from you”, she added, blushing lightly. ‘Why must he be so sexy… Sakura get a grip!’, Sakura blushed. “Where’s he now?”, she asked, looking behind Sasuke and seeing no one into the hallway. “Oh, he’s just taking a shower right now. Do you want to come in or should I relay something to him?”, Sasuke asked. “Oh, well, could you just tell him I was here and that I would like to phone him today?”, Sakura asked with a smile. “No problem”, Sasuke said with a smile.

‘He smiled at me! That must mean something, a divine sign or something like this. Sakura take your chance! NOW!’ “Well Sasuke?”, Sakura asked shyly, “Yeah?” “Well now that you here, I wanted to ask you if… if… would you like to go on a date with me?”, she blushed and looked at Sasuke. His face turned from a smile to emotionless. “I’m sorry Sakura, but I’m in a relationship”, he said dry. “Oh… oh well sorry, I didn’t…” “You don’t have to be sorry, you couldn’t know”, he smiled again. “Well, bye then”, Sakura tuned and walked away. ‘A relationship? With who? How long? And what a fool was I to ask him while he’s just dressed with a towel. Oh! Those fucking puberty hormones…!’, she thought blushed. “Bye”, Sasuke responded and closed the door.

He got back to Narutos room and got dressed. Sasuke went to prepare breakfast while Naruto went out of the shower and put on some pants and a T-shirt. He went into the small kitchen where Sasuke sat on the table and was slurping a coffee and starring at the newspaper.  Naruto sat down and took some cornflakes.

Naruto just took a snap into his mouth when Sasuke said:” Oh, by the way, Sakura was here”. Naruto choked his flakes and cough. “What?” “She was here to have a look at you. She just wanted you to know she was here and that she’s gonna phone you later”, he answered emotionless. “Oh, well. Okay”, Naruto grunted out.

They ate breakfast and cleaned the table.

Naruto began to wash the dishes when he just felt something behind him, a hand entering his trouser pocket and squeezing his bum. He dismayed and turned around. Sasuke was standing there with his hands now on the border of the sink so Naruto couldn’t escape. “Sasuke what are you trying to do?”, Naruto asked nervously. Sasuke leaned forward and kissed Narutos neck.

“Sasuke! What the hell…”, Sasuke shut Narutos mouth with his lips, and the fact that Narutos mouth was open simplified it to stuck his tongue in too. Naruto blushed and tried to push  Sasuke away. He broke the kiss and looked mischief to Naruto. “What? You just look sexy when you’re doing housework”, he grinned innocent. Narutos mouth fell open. ‘Did he just say I’m sexy…at doing housework?’ “Why are you thinking like this? Can’t I do anything without being sexy?”, Naruto spluttered. Sasukes grin went brighter and he pinched Narutos cheek. “No, you can’t”, Sasuke laughed and sat back on his chair.

‘Doing housework… ph,  next time he can do it himself…but well, I would like to see him work with his hands…he he.. WTF!!?, What am I thinking?’, Naruto blushed when he finished washing.

“What about a movie today? ‘New Moon’ is now in the cinema, I read the books and I wanted to watch the movie anyway. What do you think, sweetheart?”, Sasuke smiled. Naruto turned and looked at him astonished. “What? Don’t you want to?”, Sasuke asked insecure, “You… you read the Twilight-Saga?”, Naruto burst out in laughter. “What?”, Sasuke pout. “You read girlish love stories?”, Naruto gasped out of his laughter and poked into Sasukes forehead. Sasuke crossed his arms and looked pouting at Naruto. “Naruto you’re so mean. I love those books and you’re making fun of me” “No, no, it’s just. I always thought you were the embodiment of a man, and now you’re reading girlish books”, Naruto took Sasukes hands and kissed him. “Don’t pout, teme. I will go to the cinema with you”, Naruto grinned. Sasuke smiled, attracted Naruto down on his lap, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him deeply.


The cinema was full of people, most of them young couples or groups of giggling girls, giggling harder when they were talking about the headliner. Sasuke searched them two places in the stern most bank. “These girls aren’t so wrong”, Sasuke said while Naruto munched some popcorn, “What do you mean?”, Naruto asked with his mouth full. Sasuke looked to him and grinned “Robert Pattinson doesn’t look bad… But you know, that I like blue-eyed blondes”, he leaned over to Naruto and kissed him on his cheek. “Sa…suke, we’re in public”, Naruto whispered ashamed. Sasuke smiled and looked around. “I don’t see anyone who knows us, and I don’t see anyone who cares”, he laughed.

As the movie began there was silence. Just a small whispers from the crowd kept disturbing the conversations of the main characters. But at one point of the movie there was an awful silence.

 “This is the last time you’ll ever see me”, Sasuke was glued on the screen, when he heard a sob. He looked over to Naruto who had his face buried in his hands. He wrapped an arm around Narutos shoulders and leaned over to him. “And you call me girlish”, Naruto looked to Sasuke. “Shut up. There’s just something into my eye”, Naruto wiped with his sleeve over his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, into both of them, right?”, Sasuke jeered. Naruto looked pouting at Sasuke, but didn’t say anything against the arm around his shoulders.

After a while, the movie was on a very catching scene, Sasuke felt something on his shoulder. He saw Naruto lean his head against his shoulder delve his hand into Sasukes shirt. “Why must this damn film be so emotional”, Naruto whispered, ‘And why I must react like this?’. Sasuke pulled him closer. Naruto looked up and saw Sasuke grinning at him. ‘What’s that grin again? What is he up to?’, Naruto blushed lightly.

“I always wanted to do this”, Sasuke whispered. “Do what?” “Make out into the cinema”, Sasuke purred into Narutos ear, before grabbing Narutos jaw and kissing him. ‘What am I doing?!’, Naruto thought, as he didn’t resist rather leaned into the kiss and wrapped his arm around Sasukes neck. He felt Sasukes tongue licking is lower lip, longing for entrance. Naruto didn’t think and just parted his lips a little so that the dizzying feeling of their wet kiss could float over him again. No one took notice that there were two boys kissing each other, because there were some couples there who were kissing around. The rest of the movie they kept like this…


When they went out of the cinema, Naruto felt a funny feeling into his stomach. ‘We were making out, into a cinema, all around us were people…why did I like it?’, he smiled to himself. They took the way thru the park and because there was nobody who Naruto could got embarrassed off, he took Sasukes hand and smiled at him. Sasuke blushed a little but than squeezed Narutos hand a little and kissed him on the cheek.

They reached his apartment when Naruto noticed someone standing in the front of his door. “Who’s…?” “Naruto!”, a girl yelled and sprinted in front of him, to hug him. “Sakura-Chan? What are you doing here?” “I tried to call you a hundred time. Didn’t Sasuke tell you that I wanted to phone you?”, Sakura eyed Sasuke up with a bad look. ‘What is he doing here again? Never knew he and Naru-chan were such close friends’. “Yes he did, but sorry, I forgot about it”, Naruto explained. “Well, I think I’m gonna go now. I told my brother that I will come home after the cinema. I’ll contact you later”, Sasuke gave Naruto a light punch on his shoulder and left.

 “Well, how are you?”, Sakura asked, as they went into Narutos apartment. They ate dinner together and spent the whole evening chatting and laughing. Like always. “Well Naruto? Since when you and Sasuke became so close?”, Sakura asked. Naruto blushed. “Well, I always mixed well with him. He was here last night to look after me, so we just made something today and had fun”, Naruto said. Naruto didn’t say anything about what really happened the last day and he felt sick about to lie to his best friend. ‘Well, I don’t really lie…I’m just not telling her everything exactly. Right?’ They had a funny evening and as Sakura left Naruto straight went to bed.


Naruto dozed nearly half an hour when he heard a knock. Naruto sat up and saw someone at his window. ‘Who the hell..?’; Naruto stood up and opened his window. The other person climbed into his bedroom and stood there. “Why are you here?”, Naruto asked rubbing his eyes sleepily. “I forgot to give you this”, Sasuke answered. He picked Naruto up, carried him into his bed and kissed him.

“Sasuke? Couldn’t that have waited till tomorrow?”, Naruto asked from beneath the body of the raven. Sasuke looked at him. “Don’t you wanna have me here? Or what?” “Well, sure! But, Did you just came to give me a kiss? Don’t your parents worry about you?”, Naruto asked with a smile which faded when he saw Sasukes expression. Sasuke sat up and starred at the wall, burying his nails into the sheets.

“Sasuke?”, Naruto asked worried. There came no sound from the raven. “Sasuke? Did I say something wrong?”, Naruto kneeled up and pt one hand  on Sasukes shoulder.

“Naruto?”, the raven asked in a whisper. “What?” “How did your parents die?”, the raven sounded forced to spell every word. “Well, they died when I was little, about two years old. They… they had a car accident. I cried a lot, even if I didn’t knew them really good, I love them. They were always there for me, and I know that they always will be”, Naruto responded. “Do you still cry because of them?”, there was that forcing tone again. “Well, yeah. But why are you asking me this”, Naruto whispered.

“Because I still do”, Sasuke looked up with teary eyes. “Sasuke? What do you mean?”, Naruto was worried about Sasukes expression. Sad, teary, hurt but still strong and beautiful. “When…”, Sasuke begun, “When I was about eight years old, my parents… they… they…”, Sasukes voice broke off. “Sasuke, you mustn’t tell me if you don’t want to”, Naruto whispered, stroking Sasukes hair. ‘I never saw him like this. This sad beauty’, Naruto thought sadly.

“But I want to… I want you to know”, Sasuke whispered. “My parents died. Too. Our house. It burned down. My brother and I could rescue ourselves. But my parents…”, Sasukes words broke off in a sob. “Sasuke… I never knew. I’m so sorry”, Naruto hugged Sasuke tightly. Sasuke sobbed again. “Sometimes at night, I wake up…screaming. I still hear their cries and screams from the flaming house. My nightmares gone rarely, but I still have them”, Sasuke whispered. Naruto sat with his legs apart on Sasukes lap, and took his head into his hands.

“Sasuke… I… I never knew you’ve been thru something like this”, Naruto whispered.

“Well, that’s why I first got interested of you. Finding a soul mate like this… that’s not easy. I’ve been watching you for a long time…and than, about half a year ago, I realized that I’ve fallen in love with you”, Sasuke sounded calm again. He looked up and saw Naruto look at him with a worried expression.

“Don’t look at me like I’m dying sweetheart. I’m fine. I learned to live with it…like you do”, Sasuke smiled and wrapped his arms around Narutos back. “Are you really fine? I mean, you just sounded so desperate and now you’re just yourself again”, Naruto asked calm. “Of course I am, as long as I’m with you I’m always fine”, Sasuke said smiling. Naruto had to chuckle cheerfully at the sweet simile of Sasukes face. He leaned forward and kissed him happily. ‘He’s just so strong, but also feeling. He’s like the perfect prince charming… MY perfect prince charming’, Naruto thought and blushed lightly. Naruto put his forehead on Sasukes. They rested there like this for a while.


Sasuke broke the silence. “Well, first I just wanted to come here for short to pick up my missing kiss-goodbye, but I think the situation has changed”, he said grinning mischief at Naruto. “What do you mean by ‘the situation changed’?”, Naruto asked nervously. ‘Do just I got that feeling or does Sasuke, anytime he smiles like this, have concocted something’.

Sasukes grin got seductive. “Well, I mean... I just like the way you’re sitting onto my lap”, he smirked. Naruto looked down. Sasuke was sitting on the border of the bed. And he… ‘I’m sitting on his lap with my legs wide spread!!!’, Narutos face went deep red and he looked up. “I whish I could blush”, Sasuke said beguiling, “But my blood is rushing to an other part of my body”.

Naruto tensed up when he felt a hand rolling down his back grabbing his bum. Sasuke picked Naruto and pushed him into the sheets. “Sasuke? What are you -hn!”, Naruto gasped when he felt Sasukes hand enter his pants and grabbing his length.

 “You’re really sensitive…Sounds like you enjoy it, right?”, Sasuke whispered seductive. He began to kiss down Narutos neck while bumping  his length. Naruto felt himself getting hard, the soft touches of Sasuke were causing shivers running down his spine. His breath began to speed up, his thoughts got fuzzy, he just felt one thing…Sasuke.

Sasuke removed his and Narutos shirt while pleasuring Naruto, who just kept panting, arching his back to every squeeze of him. Sasuke began to kiss Narutos jaw line, down his chest, stomach and v-muscle. Naruto inhaled sharply when he felt the raven pull down his shorts, still tracing his way down on Naruto, and stopped at one point.

Sasuke looked up and saw Naruto lying there, bare, totally extradited to him. He smirked satisfied and leaned down, licking the tip of  Narutos throbbing member, making him moan out loudly. ‘WTF? What a sound did I just ma…de’, Naruto couldn’t think anymore, he threw his head back and moaned out another time when Sasuke took him fully into his mouth, coating his member with his saliva, twisting his tongue delicately around it, sucking lightly. Naruto didn’t know what he was doing…again his body just made things his head didn’t tell to do so. He grabbed Sasukes dark mane and intertwined his fingers into it.

Sasuke felt that Naruto was close. Naruto moaned every time Sasuke fully encased him with his mouth, pushing up to this incredible feeling. Sasuke gripped Narutos hip and pushed it down on the bed.

“Come on Naruto, I wanna taste you”, Sasuke mumbled against his throbbing member. Naruto couldn’t hold it anymore.

He gasped out Sasukes name, who felt a vibration into his mouth and a viscous liquid filled his mouth. He swallowed everything Naruto gave him and got up to Narutos face. “Never thought you’d taste so good”, Sasuke whispered to the blushed Naruto, who was still panting hard. He kissed him, letting their tongues swirl up together one more time. Sasuke pulled down his pants. Naruto looked at him. ‘He really is Adonis himself… his beautiful face, his remarkably built body, his’ he looked down, ‘well this is… this is really impressive’. Sasuke kissed him again, passionately and wild, full of lust.

“And now comes the fun part…”

Here you can find my textes which are forbidden on for the underaged to read because of sexual themes, but I don't think thy're to bad for my watchers,...x3
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